The Company


Alimentos Australes was funded in 2002 as a result of the business envisions of three entrepreneurs from Argentina.

In 2001, one of the three current owners of Alimentos Australes decided to relocate to Miami, Florida to take over the commercialization of frozen fish from his home land with cruise ships and tourism industry. Towards the end of that year, the other two merged onto the company, expanding its commercial goals to serve now the needs of local businesses with a greater quantity of frozen and dry products.

In 2003, Alimentos Australes became and LLC, and by then, it was representing more than 10 Argentinean companies in USA. Ever since then, it has continued growing with hard work and the constant commitment to fulfill all the market needs.

Today, Alimentos Australes has doubled the number of Argentinean brands it represents and has taken upon the representation of other several Latin American companies in order to expand the spectrum of clientele to serve. In 2007 “Doble A”, alimentos australes’ own brand of products, was created, and the company has attained sub distribution in several states and Central American countries as to continue reaching the ever-expanding market.

Our Goal

To be recognized by the quality & variety of our products, and to be identified as main providers to the Community.

Business Description

- 10,000 square feet Warehouse Located in the Kendall area, Miami.
- 4 delivery routes throughout the Greater Miami Area
- 4 Sales representatives, serving the area from Cutler Ridge to West Palm Beach.
- Sub Distributors in Kansas, Texas, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, Virginia.